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Convertible Framed Canvas Doors


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Convertible Framed Canvas Design


 Extremely convenient and light weight Semi-Rigid Soft Doors
















Product Details:

These semi-rigid soft doors are made from Sunbrella marine fabric zippered around an anodized aluminum frame. 

The frame is light weight but very strong.  Since it does not flex like a plastic frame, it seals tighter to the car to keep the weather out.

The clear vinyl windows are a hand-picked batch of .030 gauge Extruded used primarily on high-end marine applications.  It has UV protection built in.




These doors offer the same convenience of hard doors at a fraction of the cost.  They open like conventional doors with ease.







Extra bonus:  The semi-rigid design includes a zippered window opening.  If you get hot while you're driving, just open a window.








Key Benefits

bulletDynamic look.  These doors enhance the appearance of the GEM car.
bulletEasiest soft doors to open and close.
bulletFunctional and versatile design.  Doors include a zipper window opening.
bulletVery easy to install.  Requires minimal drilling.
bulletIncludes our famous corner windbreakers.





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