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 Stylish and versatile Soft Doors for the 2 passenger GEM














Product Details:

GEM car on the left shows the full canvas set while the GEM car on the right shows the corner panel with the door removed and stowed in the 'trunk'.  New for 2004 is a newly designed zipper door that allows just the window portion of the doors to open.  This adds to the comfort and flexibility of the doors.

These doors quickly roll back for convenience.


Windows open easily to really add to the comfort of the driving experience.  Notice how clean the opening is.  This is achieved by having a special zipper made (in the USA) that has a dual function.  The same zipper that closes the doors also open the windows. 


Click here to view a demonstration of the ease of entry and exit with these doors.

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Key Benefits

bulletThese doors enhance the appearance of the GEM car.
bulletThese doors are extremely functional.  Easier entry and exit are only the beginning as the windbreaker section also adds to comfort.
bulletThese doors are highly contoured to the shape of the GEM car.
bulletNo ugly track needs to be installed.  These doors attach using a unique method fully tested at Chrysler's Arizona Proving Ground.
bulletKit includes our famous windbreakers, doors, rear window, hardware, and full instructions.
bulletNew for 2004:  Now you can open just the window portion of the doors for added comfort and convenience.



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