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Convertible Framed Canvas Doors


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Convertible Framed Canvas Design


 Extremely convenient and light weight Framed Canvas Soft Doors







All four doors open and close like conventional doors.  They are each mounted on a removable frame and offer the most convenient access to the vehicle from all four access points.












Product Details:

These convertible framed canvas soft doors are made from Sunbrella marine fabric zippered around an anodized aluminum frame. 







The frame is light weight but very strong.  Since it does not flex like a plastic frame, it seals tighter to the car to keep the weather out.






These doors offer the same convenience of hard doors at a fraction of the cost.  They open like conventional doors with ease.






The clear vinyl windows are .030 gauge Extruded used primarily on high-end marine applications.







This is the inside view showing how much visibility there is with these doors.   There's no compromise for the comfort of these doors.






Key Benefits

bulletDynamic look.  These doors enhance the appearance of the GEM car.
bulletEasiest soft doors to open and close.
bulletFunctional and versatile design.  Doors include a zipper window opening.
bulletCan be easy to install.  Requires minimal drilling.
bulletIncludes our famous corner windbreakers, rear window, hardware and full color instructions.




GEM is a trademark of Global Electric MotorCars, a Chrysler Company.

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