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50 Mile Batteries


Home Up 70 Mile Batteries

These are DEKA 8 volt GEL's with 165 ah at the 20 hour rate.  We required 9 of them to make 72 volts.  The batteries added 320 pounds to the car.

Under the front hood

In the above photo, we show how we added three batteries instead of the usual two batteries that were housed originally.  We had to cut the front of the car off and add 1 inch to the length.


Above we see the extra inch that was added.


Under the seat

Under the seat, it was a straight forward installation.  We later fabricated a stainless steel bar to act as a hold-down.


The rear battery box with trailer hitch

The rear box / trailer hitch came from Ride-4-Fun and was modified to house these batteries.  The stakeback from GEM will act as the lid to these two batteries.

It was calculated that a full charge using the on-board Zivan charger would require up to 15 hours for a full charge from dead.  Therefore, we added an off-board Zivan 30 amp NG3 rapid charger.  The on-board NG1 is still present and used for opportunity charging when away from base.  Please click here for the info on the charger.



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