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Alarm System



Above shows the mounting location of the CrimeStopper main unit.  Also visible are the easy to reach fuses that are part of the alarm system.


This shows how 'stuffed' the dash became after the installation of all the electronics.  There is no room left for anything more to be added. 


Above we see how brilliant the alarm light glows to ward off intruders.  Below that we can see the sensor that detects the physical presents of "bad guys". 


The trunk trigger was wired through the holding 'pipe' and has a plug so the swivel back can be removed easily.  


The antenna for the paging system was mounted as high as possible on the glass for optimum performance.


This is the pager one wears with the keys.  It displays a graphical representation of what is going on with your car.  If someone enters my car, I get paged showing the violation.  The range is impressive.





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