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Okay...  We're going to add some real stopping power to my GEM car by installing 9" disk brakes.

The final design has not been finalized but we'll have either front disk brakes or disks on all 4 corners.  Either way, the braking system needs to be prepared...


Step 1:  Replace Master Cylinder with higher-pressure unit found on a 2008 GEM.

Below is a temporary repair until the disks are ready this Summer....


This car had some serious stopping problems along with a horrible noise in the right wheel.  It was traced to three things....

1.  Severely worn brake shoes that were down to the metal and even eating into the metal.

2.  Leaking cylinder but not enough of a leak to be found in the driveway.  Just enough to splash on the drum.

3.  A severely worn wheel bearing to the point where it was hard to spin the wheel by hand when the car was jacked up.


Temporary solution until the disk brakes are ready for installation....

Install a new wheel assembly and as a precautionary measure, a new half shaft and new shoes on the driver's side.



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