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Installation of the Pioneer AVIC-N1 Stereo/DVD/MP3/GPS system

Above shows first days work.  The stereo sleeve, speakers, overhead lights, switches and accessory plug are visible in this pix.  One switch was defective so some wires were just temporarily tied off.  After I got the final switch, the wires were all cleaned up.  Also, the 18" unbreakable marine grade antenna was mounted.



Day 2:   I unfortunately do not have any pix of day two.  I snaked the wiring harness, antenna wire, and the cable that links the stereo with the hideaway unit.  This was all done through the driver's side as the passenger side is reserved for the wiring harness for the solar panels and the GPS antenna.  I also mounted the overhead unit to the car.



Above shows day 3.  The battery was installed in a custom battery housing.  Just to the left is the hide-away unit for the stereo.  This taken two people three hours to complete this step of the installation.  Actually we completed all this in two hours but spent the final hour measuring the voltage readings from the handbrake sensor.  The stereo needs (according to the manual) to be connected power-side of the handbrake sensor.  All readings showed negative voltage and voltage reading all over the place depending on handbrake position and if key was on and such.



Day 4:  I learned from the Yahoo AVIC-N1 message board that I should ground the hand brake "green" wire.  This connection is only to prevent watching DVD movies while driving. 

I powered the stereo for the first time.  Everything checked out.  I discovered that the AVIC-N1 does not have an on / off switch.  Off only puts it in stand-by mode with all the lights and fans still on.  I have ordered a relay switch from an electronics place via FEDEX.  The relay is not an ordinary automotive relay switch.  This is the lowest powered relay switch I could find.  This will allow the AVIC-N1 to switch on and off when the key is in the on and off state.

I also snaked the passenger side wiring harness that has two solar panel leads, and the GPS lead.  The solar panels were also mounted to the roof.



Day 5:  The relay came via UPS overnight.  A relay, in this case, will allow voltage from the main batteries to switch on and off the AVIC-N1 which is powered by the electronics battery.  Unlike an automotive relay, this is an electronics relay designed to be soldered to a circuit board that draws very little power.  I soldered leads to each pin with plugs on the other ends.  After everything was wired up, I connected the battery leads and performed final reading with my multi-tester.  Then, hoping that the relay worked, I turned the key switch on the car to "on".

It works!  GPS, MP3's, even the DVD player worked.  I put on "Blade Runner" as the first DVD movie to be played.



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