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The 10 inch rims were replaced with 16" rims and tires by NEV Accessories.  An oversized rear fender was also ordered to accommodate the huge size of the upgrade.  The quality of the products was superior and installation was completed in an afternoon.

Top speed of the car increased from 24 MPH to 33 MPH clocked by police radar.

Other GEM car owners in the area said they wouldn't increase the tire size because they liked the quick acceleration the GEM car provides in the zero to 5 MPH range.  This is where I engaged in my first drag race of my life.  Me in the left lane (the wrong side of the road) and a man called "Hunter" in the right lane.  The distance was for one city block.  A flag was dropped and we both floored it for a fair start.  Right away, my GEM car pulled away from Hunter's.  Toward the finish line, believe it or not, a little old man with a cane began to cross the street in front of me.  I yelled out "get out of the way", but it was too late.  I ended up zooming past him while he was half way across the street.  That day I blew the doors (pardon the pun) off Hunter's car.  The very next day he ordered oversized tires from NEV Accessories.

Lesson:  Torque on electric motors is different than internal combustion engines (ICE for short).  With electric, it's near instant on.



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